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What we offer...

Established Franchisor

Canada’s Franchise Authority which cumulatively has sold 1000’s of the right franchises to the right franchisees offers ALL the talents of an In-house Franchise Development Team without the cost.

• Franchise Sales
• Marketing
• Legals
• Financing
• Site Sourcing

We Provide:


• Lead generation marketing plan
• Candidate screening/processing & qualifications
• Issuance of the Disclosure Documents
• Processing of the initial Deposit
• Credit bureau reports
• Presentation to the Franchisor of all qualified applicants
• Arranging the project financing with business loans, Credit lines or Mortgages;
• Site location sourcing, lease negotiations and Offers to Lease & Sub-Lease
• Assisting the applicants with all the legal documentation
• Negotiation of any Addendum's to the Franchise Agreement, if required
• Final execution of all documents.

All of the above services are provided by franchise experts that collectively possess more than 100 years of successful franchise development experience...

But at a fraction of the monthly costs to employ a strong quality team of your own.


For established franchisors that are based outside of Ontario or Canada, 
Network Franchising International provides a strong Ontario presence based in Toronto.

Our offices become your Regional Franchise Development Dept. as part of our mandate.

Our typical Fee structure includes a low monthly marketing & management fee plus a
commission on each New franchise sale or Resale.

For each site that we secure, there is a "lower-than-market" site fee payable if we cannot
get paid from the Landlord.

In addition we would need a reasonable marketing budget for new lead generation.

Please let us know your thoughts and if you would like to receive a more detailed
Franchise Marketing Services Agreement proposal to review.

New to Franchising


• Save on YOUR Franchising Legal Documents
• Save on YOUR Franchising Manuals
• Selling YOUR Franchise Opportunity

     • Advice
     • Support
     • Services
• Marketing YOUR Franchise Opportunity
     • Strategic Planning
     • Corporate Network Franchising International discounts
     • Advice
• United States Franchising Packages & Services
    • U.S. Based Attorney’s
    • U.S. Based Franchise Sales Personnel
    • U.S. Advertising Exposure


Our services Save YOU Time, Money and Mistakes.

Full Franchise Packages from $20,000


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